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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2005|10:44 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |sexual healing--marvin gaye]

ahhhhh here comes school!
this sucks.
my summer was about awesome!
to sum it up in about 30 seconds, i traveled the country, gave into peer pressure, was taken advantage of, got over a past love only to fall back in love with him recently, caused my parents to lose their "trust" in me, and basically grew up a little bit.
hung out with a friend from south haven with nicole and his friend was extremely hot. i still have a crush on victor but we will always just be friends, and i think that i am okay with that, but maybe thats just because im like obsessing over brian again, oh god, here it goes....
i cannot get my locker open, again. this year is officially gonna suck ass.
anyhoos i guess thats all i really have to say, there was tons that happened in the time that i havent written, but it all seems somewhat not important now sooooooooooo
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oh my stars! [Jul. 22nd, 2005|08:02 pm]
hey everybody! it's chelsea...and no, i didn't hack sams computer.
sam is unable to talk on the phone, go anywhere, or get on the internet because she's such a rebel! tsk tsk...but being the GREAT friend i am, i'm updating her journal for her. :)
...i don't remember anything she told me to write.
she might not be able to update until she's in california or until she gets back...so i think i speak for everyone when i say *I'LL MISS YOU SAM!* have a SUPER DUPER TRIP! and please don't come back talking like kristin.
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"Don't look at me that way..it was honest mistake..." [Jul. 18th, 2005|10:55 am]
[mood |discontentmenstrual]
[music |permanent--acceptance]

hey all. just hanging out at the house, listenin to the sweet awesome new song called permanent by this band called acceptance, and they are really good, and im like really digging this song! i took the truck out to drive a little while ago to practice for when i leave as soon as i call em and whit, and i did pretty good, im just sooooooooo worried that im gonna get pulled over, especially if i have to go to town to pick up emily so hopefully whitley will then we can stay on the back roads. anyways, i started my period today, and i have extreme cramps that are killing times a billion, i dont know what it is, i used to not get cramps like at all and now i get them every time i get my period! ohhhhhhhhhh the humanity... anyways, brandon wants to come over on friday, except thats the day that me and victor will prolly go to the movies! ohhhhhhh the humanity... so yeah ill prolly call wal mart when i get done with this, so i better get my professional voice on, sorry about when u called dustin, i didnt have any signal and i had to be quiet because for some reason you like to call late all the time! lol man my tummy hurts. only 16 days until chesty comes home! and then only 7 till i come home, lol fun fun. im listening to mike jones right now, he kinda gets on my nerves but hes cool i guess, i tried to call him but he never answers, its prolly extremely busy or something. okay nothing much more to say so talk to you later.
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you make me completely miserable... [Jul. 16th, 2005|07:17 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |i dont wanna know--mario winans]

ugh im so annoyed/bored right now.
of course i cancelled plans in order to have stupid band practice, and of course it didnt work out like it never does, so now im stuck here at home. alls i have done is 1. watch like all the laguna beaches, 2 eat a whole pizza except for two pieces, 3 tried on clothes, 4 talked on the phone, 5 daydreamed about california. i swear im about to run away or something, at least id have some adventure! lol well on the plus side my parents got a new car, like not a used car for once in their lives, adn it is so cute, i love it, and my mom seems to think that my dad will let me drive it when i get my license, but its a stick so.......i guess i will have to practice! but yeah and someone already bought the van which is unbelivable! i talked to victor, awww hes one of my bestest friends it seems like lately. carlos is mad because amanda keeps hanging out with kyle instead of him, and she like kissed a lot of guys or something, but hey shes single, let her do her thing! hah you go girl! anyhoos i hope that me and victor will hang out sometime this week since my parents are FINALLY back to work, gees. me and emily are going to samms on monday, and im prolly gonna have to drive the TRUCK there oh god watch out! dustin, dont forget we're gonna see that one movie sky high or whatever! i have to look to see when it comes out, that will be fun. "Adam Sadaaller!" LMAO! hah thats hillarious. for some reason i wanted to hang out with brandon today, random right? i guess i kinda feel bad for like hardcore leading him on, which it wouldnt be good to want to hang out with him them but whatever. butter said that him and bobby and paul were all talking to victor and like about how we should go out or whatever and brandon was just like sitting there and not saying anything! how sad! awww. well i dunno me and victor will prolly always just be friends anyways, and thats cool too. my dad told me that patrick is never allowed on our property ahahah i was like oh great. hey chelsea i got u a "do not disturb" sign for you and brandon at the party hahaha oh buddy thats going to be funny. so excited? i wish i had some fudge covered oreos, i hate the fact that they dont have them in MICHIGAN. i dont really know why i capitilized that but its good. oh and bring me up some shot glasses from FL chesty. wouldnt that be funny if you wore ur tiffany jewelry on the plane and you had to put it through the metal dectector and on the way through it busted? HAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA i would just die. okay well i guess im done writing for now, oh and i joined SPANUSA aka suicide prevention action network and im pretty pumped about that cuz i can set up like tables at like festivals and stuff, so yeah, and im looking for a child to sponser as we speak, but i have to wait until after i go to CA and after august 13th cuz i wont have any money before that. okay bye now.
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2005|10:33 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Champagne Supernova--Oasis]

Im so sick of thinking about you.
No, not you, YOU.
Yeah, um i find you to be a nuisance.
And I wish you would just go away.
For real though, just go away.
I think about you and I begin to feel nauseous.
You know, as in sick? Gag? Throw up?
Humph, whatevs, I guess I am pretty much over it, so buh bye, I would say "see ya later"... but im too busy hoping i wont.
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"If you could only see how blue his eyes can get...when he says he loves me." [Jul. 11th, 2005|11:33 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |luda]

im annoyed.
im annoyed at so many things right now, that you dont even know.
basketball sucked today.
my eyes itch.
i just watched a scary tv show and now im all scared.
alls i had for dinner was some dumb overcooked french fries.
victor kept talking about this girl named tiffany and even when i tried to elaborately and expertly explain to him that that was annoying he totally didnt get it. can u say dense?
i wish i had some mozzarella sticks from dairy queen, mmmm m sticks.
i feel like crap.
i jut want togo to sleep, but i cant because im afraid of the dark again.
i worked with my dad moving logs out of an old nasty barn thing and i totally got like too much dust in my lungs or something crazy.
i wish i had a cool survey that i could fill out right now, that would be pretty sweet.
thank you mRS white for teaching me how to type. that rhymed, its official, i totally rock.
dum dum dee dum.
i wounder when patrick is gonna call me, ugh hes weird.
and i wonder if you ever think about me anymore, and i wonder if you ever think about me when ur bored, and i wonder if you ever think about me when your hanging in new york... and i wonder if you still think bono writes his songs for you, and i wonder if the reasons why you left me were untrue i am bending over backwards to get close to you but still i feel so far, because girl you mean so much to me, i wish that we could start it over start it over, i dont need your sympathy i just want you here with me ohhhhhh cuz im staring in my coffee cup at six am and i cannot give UPPPPPPP that song is in my head and it helps if i write it out.
i wish i was pimpin all over the world like ludacris, ive only got south america and eastern europe covered so far...
is it totally weird that im really pumped for school?
cuz i am, so deal with it.
will someone please ask walmart if we can have a carwash in their lot? its not that hard.
okay my dad is officially kicking me off the computer, its time to go to bed? what the fuck is that? i have nothing to wake up to in the morning.
ugh what an ass.
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"I'm gonna live today like it's my last day..." [Jul. 9th, 2005|10:45 pm]
[mood |pleasedinvolved]
[music |something modest mouse]

whats goin down the drain?
im just jammin to some def leopard!
weeeeeeee i am so happy and in a good mood!
gross dante called me today and wanted to come over, i was like umm illys not here.
anyhoos, i figured out how to get free music again which makes me totally excited! im making a new cd as i write!
ive decided that if i dont start working out and exercising then i am going to become a fat cow so this is my work out, 6 am jog down the golf course road, 10 am work on shooting for an hour, 1 pm run around the property, 7 pm bike ride and walking the dogs. not to mention crunches throughout the day. i just decided that i really need to start getting in shape, not for like school but for basketball and stuff.
so yeah rock on to me.
dustin and paige are getting back tomorrow morning, i hope south carolina was fun, what happened to florida?? lol
we have to hang out sometime.
i just got done watching the andy milonakis show, omg that is the funniest thing in television history!
and i watched the live 8 again, and that was good.
i got a text message from butter at like 4 in the morning, UGH.
hes pretty needy since brian is not a "playa" anymore.
please feel free to not latch onto me! jk
my dad took me to drive in the truck today, and its a stick, and i got stuck on this huge hill omg it was so scary, i thought we were gonna crash for real.
i cannot stand sticks, ooh wee i hate them, nothing should be that hard.
i think that i will plan on driving the van when my parents go camping, weeee i hope i dont get pulled over...
i really have to pee, i think i might explode.
its going to be really weird when i seew patrick, and to make matters worse, marquay is getting out soone than he is supposed to, and hes talking about like living together, and marriage! what the hell?
oh and i would like to take this time to tell you that you all need to go to www.one.org and sign the declaration to stop extreme poverty in africa. and i would further encourage you to write letters to our government expressing concern for these issues. go to think.mtv.com for more info.
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2005|08:28 pm]
okay well i know a little bit more about tina now.
the doctors say that it is up to her whether or not she comes out of it.
she has to fight for her life.
i think that we should pray for her, and help her pull through.
and also i think that we should let close friends of hers know that we are here for them.
no matter what differences you may have.
and i also think that in tough times like these, petty things should not matter.
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Honey, I'm hooommmmmme! [Jul. 8th, 2005|08:13 pm]
[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |fantasia typing to me]

hey hey hey!
thank god and everything good in the world that i am back.
i hate camping with a passion.
omg i think i died like five times while i was there!
it was so hideous!
the only good part about it was leaving, oh and talking to patrick.
i guess hes back for good now and he cant decide if he wants to go to bdale or bangor.
brian almost got jumped at fireworks? lmao that sucks...well not really.
my parents are leaving for a weeeeeeeeeeek OH YEAH! so u know u all better come hang with me!
victor, bobby, and friend, are coming over on wed if all goes as planned, im not making any promises, but im so excited!
hey chesty, when are u coming home? you have been gone for like a millenium, prolly call you later tonight.
so did u guys here about tina?
that is so sad/scary.
is she okay?
i should call amanda and find out asap.
speaking of amanda, i wonder how her and carlos are doing. awwww!
ugh i have bball scrimmages this week, gag me!
whatevs, anyhoos, im really happy to be home, and now that i got all the sucky crap out of the way i am ready to fully enjoy the rest of my summer.
including, perhaps, rekindling an old flame hmmm?
or maybe exploring new options, hmmm?
ahahha i love summer!
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"So many questions, I need an answer, two years later you're still on my mind..." [Jul. 2nd, 2005|10:59 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |what if--112]

hey hoes!
im leaving tomorrow morning, definetly not voluntarily!
but its cool cuz chilly illy is coming with me afterall, because my parents didnt want me to go with my cousin or some shit.
im talking to chelsea right now, what a dumbass foo. im only kidding, it must be dustins ghettoness rubbing off me, i frequently find myself saying "what up" now. annnnnoying! lol
victor, carlos, and amanda came over yesterday, that was fun. we watched a movie, it was boogeyman, you know waht they say about scary movies...they make u very very horny.
me and victor and bobby and someone else maybe, might hang out when i get back, that will be fun.
go on just say it you need me like a bad habit. that song is so stuck in my head.
i tried to call dustin, but paige didnt answer her phone. so sad.
so word on the street is that im pregnant. humph i am always the last to know everything! and i guess that brian is the saying all of this? wow thats pretty low.
there is an outbreak of an std that im not even going to attempt to spell in our school, can u say hicksville usa?
although it did happen at degrassi also, you nasty girl emma.
i read this sweet awesome book, and its given me a new outlook on life.
i feel like harriet the spy because as im typing this im saying everything out loud like she does at one of the end scenes when shes typing her article for the school paper.
speaking of school paper, we seriously need one! that would be awesome.
alright now that my fingers are warmed up for my all night masterbation sexxion oops i mean session hah i made a funny, i will let you all go.
call me on the cell, ill be campin it up!
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